I recently received a comment from somebody struggling with a neighbor noise issue. I frequently receive messages from people struggling with anxiety and compulsions related to sounds. It’s something I struggled with as well. There were certain sounds that I could not be around. Although ERP and practicing mindfulness skills have helped me get over […]

  Mark: What has helped the most with taking care of your mental health? Megan: Moving away from negative people had the biggest impact towards improving my mental health. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by people who put me down and said hurtful things. When I went off to college I was able to […]

Cutting out compulsions is a key component of recovery from mental illness. But when we engage in compulsions inside our heads as a reaction to anxiety and depression and other feelings we don’t like, they can sometimes be more difficult to wrap our heads around (pun intended!) than compulsions outside of our heads. In this […]