February 21, 2016

Apply to be a Reviewer

When we started EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN, our goal was to share information about mental illness and recovery to help people understand what they were dealing with and that it was possible to do something about those mental health challenges.

But once you understand that you’re struggling with a mental illness and you can do something about that, what do you do? What therapy is best? And what should you look for in a therapist? Do any of these mental health apps actually do anything? Is a wearable actually going to help you start to meditate? Are all of these supplements you hear about nothing but placebos?

As consumers, we don’t talk about mental health products and services the way we do with nearly every other product and service on the planet. And that needs to change. Lives literally depend on finding the best supports to take care of our mental health. So we’re evolving our focus to explore personal stories and in-depth analysis of products and services for improving and maintaining mental health. We’re going to be tackling everything from books, to apps, to therapies, to brain tech, and everything imaginable that hasn’t even been invented yet.

In support of this evolution, we’re looking for people to join us as reviewers to test out products and services. If you have a brain and you’re interested in sharing your experiences of taking care of your mental health, we’d love for you to apply. As a reviewer, you’ll get to keep the products you try out and you’ll get to be part of an innovative movement to empower mental health consumers to find a path to better mental health.

To apply, click here to fill out this Google Form.


Mark, Matt, and Daniela


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