These last few weeks I’ve had to think through some tough decisions on where my life was heading. Although I haven’t settled on something just yet, I became a lot more comfortable with the possible outcomes—after thinking about the things that really mattered to me in life. It wasn’t easy thinking about these things. Looking […]

It’s hard thinking of myself as brave, but I’ve been hearing it more lately from people that see what I’m doing, and describe it as that. I definitely don’t think I’m anywhere near some truly heroic and brave acts done in the world on a daily basis. But in the context of my life and […]

I’ve been living in Vancouver, BC for the past 6 years, and am incredibly grateful for having a city like it. But I’ve only checked out a handful of the available hiking destinations in the province—until this year. Looking to the North, Vancouver’s skyline is set against a pretty impressive backdrop of massive mountains—a constant […]

Many years ago, when I was heartbroken because I loved someone that didn’t love me back, my dad invited me over for dinner and we had a really interesting conversation about love. One of the most helpful things he said was that love is like a bottle that you only get to see from the […]

I think the biggest goal of the beginning of my day is to enjoy myself. I hate being in a rush, and when that becomes the first stress of my day, usually it takes the entire rest of the day to recover from that. So I try to separate the parts of the beginning of […]

Relapses happen. Here are some tips for getting things back on track, regardless of the specific compulsions you’re dealing with: 1. Don’t turn this into an excuse to dig the hole deeper. You know what’s at the bottom of a hole? More hole. Often when we relapse, we use that as an excuse to go even […]