Relapses happen. Here are some tips for getting things back on track, regardless of the specific compulsions you’re dealing with: 1. Don’t turn this into an excuse to dig the hole deeper. You know what’s at the bottom of a hole? More hole. Often when we relapse, we use that as an excuse to go even […]

Mental health is chronic, just like physical health. And recovery is a lifestyle, just like living a physically healthy lifestyle. To support that lifestyle, identify and stop the coping, checking, and controlling behaviors that are going to lead you right back to the problems you’ve worked so hard to overcome. Relapse doesn’t fall from the […]

Once I took a trip up a mountain just for a couple of hours, and that trip still impacts my perspective on challenges and life. I was working on a farm on the island of Mallorca and two guys who had grown up on the island invited me to go wild goat catching with them. […]

Accepting silence is an advanced mental health skill. Learning how to be happy with silence and maintain your focus in silence takes practice. That’s because silence leaves our brains unoccupied, and when unhealthy brains are unoccupied, they fall back on all of the compulsions that have become so easy for them, like ruminating and catastrophising. […]

There was a time, quite recently actually, when I would have looked at this photo and would never think to ever post it for everyone to see. Why? Because you can clearly see my face. If you haven’t noticed, I rarely show my face in photos. It’s a result of some of my body image […]

As long as I get some time to draw every day, it’s amazing how much better I feel. I don’t really set out to draw anything specific – instead I get into a calm mental state where I just play with lines and shapes. I think what makes drawing such a positive routine is just […]

I studied University in my home town. I never really lived alone until I moved to a different country to study abroad. One of the very first things I did in my new room was taking out all my toys and picture frames and arranging them in a way I could see them every day. […]