June 16, 2014

Fuel doing awesome things.

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When it comes to the question of what foods I eat to get through the day, the answer is: ALL OF THE FOODS.

My main goal when I’m eating is to fuel doing awesome things. That requires lots of food and lots of food preparation so I have what I need when I need it, wherever I am. Here’s how a typical day happens for me:

5:45 am – First breakfast – Get up. Eat three packages of instant oatmeal with frozen blueberries and a mug of bacon. Then I do EHAB work and answer questions from you wonderful people and then I go to my other job.

9:30 am – Second Breakfast – Ever since reading the Lord of the Rings, I’ve been a big supporter of second breakfasts. Mine is usually a protein shake but not one of those low-calorie deals. Mine’s a special protein shake with 600 calories of deliciousness in it. I usually drink it during a meeting. That way I stay awake during the meeting.

11:30 am – First Lunch – Lately I’ve been eating tons of sweet potatoes with lean meat and spinach salad for first lunch. But this week I had some meetings and support groups and some workshops to facilitate, so I switched to sandwiches that were easier on the go. My sandwich of choice this week was a double-decker turkey breast sandwich with goat cheese and spinach between three slices of sprouted whole grain bread. Goat cheese is great because goats are incredibly intelligent animals.

3:00 pm – Post-gym shake and Second Lunch – Depending on how things are going with my schedule, I hit the gym at 2pm, and right after have a protein shake and a banana. Then I go and get second lunch. This week was a heavy week in the fitness program I’m doing. That means on top of all the energy I was using up running around for work, I was also burning lots of energy in the gym. More fuel needed! Twice this week I swung by the Whole Foods buffet line. It’s expensive but I only get the things that are actually cheaper per 100g in the buffet, like avocados, roast chicken, and fish. So then it’s a deal. I also threw in a spelt power muffin for extra power.

5:30 – Pre-meeting Dinner – Lots of charity meetings and events happen after normal work hours, so around 5:30 I grab some fuel to get me through whatever work I’m doing that night. Usually I need to speak or I have some kind of mission to fulfill at these events, so I need to eat food for dinner (and all of the other meals) that keeps me alert and fuels handling all sorts of uncertainties. So that means something that’s dense in nutrients, with a good ratio of complex carbs and protein. In preparation for this week, I made an enormous pot of quinoa and black beans. A couple of evenings I combined that with a lentil and potato soup (and some goat cheese (because goats are smart and it was on sale)).

8:30 – Final Meal – I have one more meal when I get home which is usually around 8ish unless there’s some kind of absurd three hour meeting. Why do we do that?! It’s helpful to not eat too late before bed and I like to keep that last meal of the day nice and clean. It’s usually low fat cottage cheese and fruit. Things are still going on at the point and I typically eat that while I write articles or work on proposals, although if it’s Monday, I eat my last meal while getting caught up on Korean variety shows from the weekend. And then I slip into sweet, sweet dreams.

– Mark

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