June 16, 2014

How I Snack

how i snack

An important part of my daily diet is snacking. Outside of the bigger meals of my day(breakfast, lunch, dinner), I usually try to eat something between those times. Even though I’m working on the computer most of the day, snacking helps keep me focused and energized – even at the most stressful or busy points of my day.  I also walk to/from work and run a few times a week, so it’s important that I keep some momentum with my food intake if I don’t want to crash.


I start myself off with a bowl of cereal almost every day. Usually it’s a mix of Cheerios with something a little more hearty – like almonds, flakes and raisins. Getting a good amount of carbs before I take my walk to work really helps!


By this time, I’m at work and usually pretty busy. No matter what’s going on though, I schedule this time to eat a snack – usually a banana and some type of bar that’s relatively high in protein and low on fat. I used to force myself to wait in-between big meals during my work days, and would often feel this huge dip in energy just before I could go on a meal break and towards the end of the day. Taking these little breaks has really helped me get through the day without feeling down.


For lunch, I love going for sushi. There’s a little cheap sushi joint close to where I work, and it’s the perfect blend of protein and carbs for me. Usually I get a bowl with salmon or tuna sashimi and a small salad.

My second favorite lunch meal? Sandwiches. The combinations are pretty much endless, and again – a nice blend of protein, carbs, and vegetables if you put all the right stuff in there.


It’s time for another snack! I go for some lean granola with dried fruit most of the time. Something with carbs to help me later on my walk home, and my runs later in the evening.


Dinner is usually different every day during the week, but one of my favorite all-around meals is my wife’s chicken tacos. We boil the chicken, lightly toast the corn tortillas, and put it on a bed of lettuce – all topped with a spicy green salsa and sprinkling of cheese. Keeping the sodium low in cooking the chicken and heating instead of frying the tortillas helps it become a much healthier meal than the traditional way.

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