When we started talking about Everybody has a brain, I clearly remember the moment when I decided I wanted to join this project. Mark said a powerful statement, the kind of statement that’s so simple that is often dismissed: If you have a brain, you have mental health.

The reason why I think this is important is because I used to believe that mental health was only a concern for people who are mentally ill. Up until that moment, I never really thought about taking care of my mental health, mainly because I was really not aware I had one.

Not being aware that we all have mental health is a really big problem. And thinking that only the mentally ill should take care of their mental health is an even bigger problem.

It’s important to recognize these as myths because they make us believe that taking care of our mental health is a synonym of weakness or illness, that we should only do that when it’s a problem, and as our last resource- These myths get in the way of openly talking about mental health or seeking for help if we feel we need it.

That statement really changed my life, it broke the negative ideas and judgements I had against mental health and now I feel a lot more comfortable talking about it and sharing it with my friends, family, and with you.


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