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Many years ago, when I was heartbroken because I loved someone that didn’t love me back, my dad invited me over for dinner and we had a really interesting conversation about love.

One of the most helpful things he said was that love is like a bottle that you only get to see from the bottom— that way you can’t really see how much of it is filled.

He said that if you’re looking from the bottom of the bottle and start pouring just a little water, it might create the illusion that that’s all it can contain. But then you pour a little more into it, and you notice how it was able to contain more, and then you might think that that’s its limit again— until you pour a little more…and so on.

I think of the same analogy when it comes to find the definition of healthy. I can’t really say what makes my bottle healthy, because I’m looking at it from the bottom, and it depends on many things, including my age, my medical condition, my schedule, work, relationship status, etc.

I don’t think healthy meant the same to me when I was 13 than it does now, and I’m sure it won’t be the same when I’m older, or pregnant, or if my disease worsens. All I can do, is try to fill up that bottle as much as I can— to always try to be the healthiest version of myself.

I know I haven’t exactly answered this week’s question yet, so I’ll try to end this post with what the word means to me today: healthy is the sum of the daily decisions I make so that I can I feel good with my body and mind, be independent, and do things with the people I love and care about.


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