June 16, 2014

Personalizing your space

I studied University in my home town. I never really lived alone until I moved to a different country to study abroad.

One of the very first things I did in my new room was taking out all my toys and picture frames and arranging them in a way I could see them every day.

I needed to make that room my own, to remind me that this was the new place I was going to spend the following 2 years. It was the way I settled into that strange space.

Recently I did a similar thing, but at work. I started by placing a picture of my dog and my brother as my computer’s wallpaper, I brought some of my favourite toys to put them in my desk, and soon I will start to cover my walls with art I like or pictures of my friends and family.

personalizing space - 2

personalizing space - 3

At first I was worried I was sharing too much information with my boss and coworkers, but now I think it’s important for me that they know I have inspirations and motivations that keep me going.

It makes me comfortable to bring all my “entourage” (as my boss calls it now) and share it with them. Now they know I’m human, and I love that.

– Daniela

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