Getting motivated to exercise has never been easy for me. Even after a pretty steady year and a half of running and lifting weights, the thought of just coming home to plop down on the bed and zone out for the rest of the day still creep in. Especially after a long day at work!

Setting massive goals or barriers to exercising has always ended up badly for me. They’re easy deterrents to just getting to a place to work out move my body around. Really, I want to enjoy myself a bit when exercising. So I’m constantly on the lookout for easier ways to push myself. If I want to run a little farther or lift a little more, I’ll spend a few weeks getting used to my routine instead of pushing it to the limit in one session. Then I’ll increment it slightly for the next few weeks. I’m not in any kind of rush to get intensely fit on a crash course. I just want to keep healthy – which always makes me think a little clearer and feel better every day.

– Matt

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