Dr. Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program was developed in a clinical setting and has quickly gained in popularity as an evidence-based approach to incorporating mindfulness into medical treatment. Regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, this book is a useful guide to getting a meditation/mindfulness practice started. Read reviews here: http://www.amazon.ca/Full-Catastrophe-Living-Wisdom-Illness/dp/0385303122  

If you can’t access a therapist in your area with a proven track record of helping people recover from OCD, this is a great workbook to help you get started on the path to recovery. Read more reviews here: http://www.amazon.ca/The-OCD-Workbook-Breaking-Obsessive-Compulsive/dp/1572249218  

If you’re desperately trying to make yourself happy but only finding depression, or you’re constantly trying to get rid of anxiety but only finding more anxiety, read this book before you get even more caught up in the happiness trap. Harris provides numerous exercises and tips to help you apply the concepts of Acceptance & Commitment […]

Receiving or providing mental health treatment requires significant amounts of tolerance and acceptance on every side of the equation (and it’s an equation with many sides). When seeking treatment, we can often trip over our judgments and let our short-term likes and dislikes become massive barriers to what’s going to make us happy in the […]

This short book by zen master Thich Nhat Hanh explains useful skills that can help any person live a happier, healthier life, whether they see themselves as struggling with mental health issues or not. If you’re looking to get started with mindfulness and fit into your life, this book is a great place to begin. Read […]

Many years ago, when I was heartbroken because I loved someone that didn’t love me back, my dad invited me over for dinner and we had a really interesting conversation about love. One of the most helpful things he said was that love is like a bottle that you only get to see from the […]