The phrase, “It’s not your fault,” has saturated the sphere of mental health to a point where it has become a banal platitude… but there is a reason for that: it’s true. Having a mental illness is never the fault of the sufferer; it’s a disease, and should be treated and respected as such. I do, […]

I’ve been living in Vancouver, BC for the past 6 years, and am incredibly grateful for having a city like it. But I’ve only checked out a handful of the available hiking destinations in the province—until this year. Looking to the North, Vancouver’s skyline is set against a pretty impressive backdrop of massive mountains—a constant […]

I will fail because trying not to fail has only made things worse. I will fail my assumptions about other people and let them fill in the gaps with the truth. I will fail so I make progress. I will fail at lifting heavy things in my life, and then I’ll fail again and again […]