Why we’re doing this

EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN is about creating opportunities for dialogue around personal mental health.

When everybody can see and hear how we all share similar struggles with our brains, we can break down the stigma around openly discussing mental health issues. And when we can openly discuss mental health issues, we can be proactive, we can prevent problems from developing or getting worse, and we can stop a lot of the unnecessary pain, suffering, and loss that characterizes our current, secretive, and unhealthy approach to mental health in our society.

We’re passionate about creating opportunities for dialogue around mental health because it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s nothing to feel alone and isolated about. We need to quit pretending that mental health is something unusual and different. That’s like stigmatizing people for breathing oxygen. Everybody has mental health, because everybody has a brain. Spread the word. Share your brain.


EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN is all about creating opportunities for public, open dialogue about mental health. We love that the Internet provides people the opportunity to see they are not alone in dealing with mental health challenges, and they are not alone in learning how to overcome those challenges. But EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN is not a replacement for professional help and it is not an emergency help line. Dealing with mental health problems takes real action and you should always get professional help.

If you need help right now, here are some numbers you can call:

CANADA: The Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

USA: HopeLine 1-800-442-HOPE

UK: SANE 0845-767-8000

Australia: Lifeline 13 11 14

* If you would like your organization added to this list, please send us a message with your contact info.

Who we are


Matt keeps his brain going with a healthy dose of drawing, photographing, and exercising along with Daniela during the weekdays. He likes experiencing beautiful sights and tasting delicious food with likeminded brains everywhere he goes.


These days Daniela’s brain keeps going thanks to running, talking (a lot) to her friends and family and the occasional chocolate bar. She walks with her headphones on and has a story for every song she loves. She wants a dog but now she has to settle with a rat plushie. www.danielapichardo.com


Mark keeps his brain running by eating, exercising, meditating, and talking openly about his mental health. He struggled with OCD and related anxiety disorders and depression for years before finding a path to recovery and has been compulsion-free for over four years now. He writes and speaks extensively about his own journey and how everybody can get proactive with improving their mental health. www.markfreeman.ca 

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    I wanted to access Mark’s website, but it says this site can’t be reached. Would you please let me know if his site has a new address?

    Thanks in advance,

    • It’s working again. Sorry about that. I had a problem with the host so I switched to a new one and it should be functioning. If you run into any problems, just respond back here. Thanks!


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