Researchers at the University of Zurich studied 191 adults over two years, using magnetic resonance imaging to assess each individual three times, tracking 450 anatomical features in the brain and they found that structural differences between participants were significant enough that they could identify an individual, based on the anatomy of their brain, with over 90% accuracy. “Every person has a unique brain anatomy

It’s the mix of genetic, experiential, and personal practice factors that uniquely shapes the brain for each of us over our lifetime. This research probably won’t have police stations taking brain prints anytime soon, but it is significant because it further emphasizes how actions and environment influence brain development and structure, even later in life. It was only last year that it was newsworthy to report studies showing brains continue to change structurally in adulthood: “Our brains do change from early to mid-adulthood

So next time you’re planning a big art heist, make sure you don’t accidentally stick your head in an MRI.



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