During the month of November, I decided (alongside a friend, who did her own monthly challenge) to go without takeaway (or fastfood in general), for the whole month. The ‘rules’ were fairly simple: Where possible, cook every meal. This meant that all lunches would have to be something I made or prepared the night before. […]

When we started EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN, our goal was to share information about mental illness and recovery to help people understand what they were dealing with and that it was possible to do something about those mental health challenges. But once you understand that you’re struggling with a mental illness and you can do something about […]

I think the biggest goal of the beginning of my day is to enjoy myself. I hate being in a rush, and when that becomes the first stress of my day, usually it takes the entire rest of the day to recover from that. So I try to separate the parts of the beginning of […]

Every Sunday I make a big pot of something delicious and healthy. I freeze half and use the other half for my lunches at work during the start of the week. This is a great technique for supporting mental health for a bunch of reasons: 1. Brains run on food. It’s impossible to have a […]

When it comes to the question of what foods I eat to get through the day, the answer is: ALL OF THE FOODS. My main goal when I’m eating is to fuel doing awesome things. That requires lots of food and lots of food preparation so I have what I need when I need it, […]

An important part of my daily diet is snacking. Outside of the bigger meals of my day(breakfast, lunch, dinner), I usually try to eat something between those times. Even though I’m working on the computer most of the day, snacking helps keep me focused and energized – even at the most stressful or busy points […]

I love food. And if it’s tasty, all the better! Especially when I cook my own food or know who’s cooking my food – it somehow tastes better. Other than a couple of pasta and Mexican dishes, I don’t know how to cook much from scratch. Give me some recipes and some prepped ingredients, and […]