Many years ago, when I was heartbroken because I loved someone that didn’t love me back, my dad invited me over for dinner and we had a really interesting conversation about love. One of the most helpful things he said was that love is like a bottle that you only get to see from the […]

I think the biggest goal of the beginning of my day is to enjoy myself. I hate being in a rush, and when that becomes the first stress of my day, usually it takes the entire rest of the day to recover from that. So I try to separate the parts of the beginning of […]

I’ve been running long distances for almost two years now and it has given me many incredible things, a healthier body and definitely a healthier mind – it’s such an excellent opportunity to think and reflect on life. During winter I mostly run on the treadmill because it rains a lot in Vancouver, but yesterday I […]

Getting motivated to exercise has never been easy for me. Even after a pretty steady year and a half of running and lifting weights, the thought of just coming home to plop down on the bed and zone out for the rest of the day still creep in. Especially after a long day at work! […]