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The Brainly

The Brainly coverThe Brainly is a collection of the most popular posts from the Everybody has a Brain community’s first year and also includes long-form articles, interviews, a smoothie recipe, a playlist, a story about a really great dog and more! And it all comes from real people who have mental health because they have real brains. Enjoy!

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The Acceptance Field Guide

Acceptance_Field_Guide_Cover_300pxWhat if the key to overcoming anxiety and depression isn’t to fight them, but to recognize that trying to get rid of them is what’s actually causing them?

In this practical guide to implementing the concepts and actions of Acceptance in your daily life, Mark Freeman combines research, useful exercises, and his own personal experiences applying Acceptance to overcome OCD and addictions. The Acceptance Field Guide shows you how to accept intrusive thoughts or experiences and move on with your life, acting according to your values instead of reacting to fear and anxiety.

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